Guidance for Churches

Christian Legal Society held a Church Guidance Webinar, co-sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals, in 2015 following the same-sex marriage decision, giving practical advice on religious liberty guidance for churches.  We hope you were able to attend, however, we are pleased to offer a recording of the webinar (attended by nearly 2000 people, pastors, and friends), as well as the accompanying white paper and subsequent FAQ documents below. 

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Church Guidance White Paper

 We are pleased to offer a 20 page guidance document for churches, including a discussion of important issues facing the church and model policies.

Church Guidance White Paper (Spanish) - Medidas Legales Prácticas para Iglesias

We are pleased to offer the guidance document for churches in Spanish.  We are pleased that this document is co-sponsored by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

Church Guidance Spanish Cover

Church Guidance FAQ Paper

 We have received many questions from pastors across the country and have compiled our answers to the top questions here:


Church Guidance Webinar Powerpoint Presentation



Church Guidance Webinar

2015 Church Guidance Webinar - Originally broadcast live on July 8, 2015


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