How to Join CLS

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Christian Legal Society (CLS). It is our prayer that membership in CLS gives you a feeling of closeness to other Christian professionals in the legal profession. CLS gives you the opportunity to spend your legal career getting to know many others, both in and outside of work, who share your values and beliefs.

All CLS Members must affirm CLS' Statement of Faith. To review the Statement of Faith and continue with your membership click on the button below.


To learn more about the benefits of joining CLS read Ten Reasons Why Every Christian in the Legal Profession Should Join CLS

[If you are a law student, click here to join through the CLS Law Student Ministry which offers students special rates.]


You have the option to join and pay dues either annually or monthly. (If you cannot afford our current dues structure, we invite you to renew under the Financial Hardship Rate.)

Membership Category

Annual Dues


Monthly Dues*

Veteran Attorney
(6 years or more since graduation year)

$360 Annual


$30 Monthly

(less than 6 years since graduation)

$240 Annual


$20 Monthly

Law Professor

$180 Annual


$15 Monthly


$180 Annual


$15 Monthly

Public Ministry

$180 Annual


$15 Monthly

Law Student

$24 Annual


$2 Monthly

Pre-law Student

$24 Annual


$2 Monthly

Colleague (non-lawyer)

$120 Annual


$10 Monthly

Foreign Member

$60 Annual


$5 Monthly


$60 Annual


$5 Monthly

*Automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank or credit card account help CLS reduce costs and stabilize cash flows for ministry support.


Nothing is more important to us than building and maintaining this active community of Christians involved in the legal profession. Money should not prevent people from being a part of CLS. If for any reason the recommended dues above are difficult for you at this time, click here to join at the financial hardship rate.


If you wish to pay by check` please download the paper form.


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